Volunteer Opportunities and Information

PAC Concession Fundraising Program

This great program benefits our orchestra program in two ways. First, proceeds from PAC concession sales are deposited into our General Fund account. This is one of our main sources of income outside of student fees. The program also allows students to work shifts at the PAC concession stand to earn money for their student account.

For each hour your student (or family member) works, $5 is deposited into their student orchestra account. These funds can be used to pay for optional trips and future membership fees. If more than one family member works, your account will benefit. For example, if an orchestra student, mom, and dad all work a two hour shift at the concession stand, that student would receive $30 into their student account. (2 hours X 3 worker’s X $5 per hours = $30)

Links to the PAC concession sign-ups are sent via email and will be posted on this website. Please be aware that these shifts are open to both orchestra and band students. It is important that all families sign up for a minimum of 3 shifts each year.

Click here for the sign-up